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Flat Rate DHL Express Envelopes to 183 countries!

Here is how it works:

  • Ask us for a 12″ x 9″ DHL envelope.
  • We will process the DHL envelope in our system.
  • Our driver will pick up your envelope, and in as little as 4 business days from arriving in our NJ warehouse, it will be delivered to its final destination.

Please be aware that DHL has strict restrictions on what can be shipped and Premium Express Envelopes can only contain documents or items that are on the list provided during adding the envelopes to the system. You should expect that all Premium Express Envelopes will be x-rayed and returned if they contain anything other than items on the list provided.

Money Transfers

Fast and affordable Money Transfers with US Money Express

U.S. Money Express

We specialize in providing international money transfers to Poland as well as other European countries including the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

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Speaks the language – even if you don’t!

If you are planning to drive a car overseas, let us know, and we will assist you in obtaining an International Driving Permit before your trip. We work with AAA, which is the only entity in the U.S. authorized by the U.S. Department of State to issue an IDP.

Valid ID in 150 Countries

Your IDP is a valid form of identification in 150 countries worldwide and contains your name, photo and driver information. It translates your identification information into 10 languages — so it speaks the language even if you don’t. Most countries highly recommend an International Driving Permit.


Professional Official Translations & Documents Evaluation

Documents for US/Polish Citizenship:

  • Vital records: birth, marriage, and death certificates
  • Divorce certificates/decrees/judgments and certificates of no-appeal
  • Immigration documents: naturalization certificates naturalization certificates, letters of intent¸ passenger manifests, visas, passports, no criminal record certificates

Medical translations for medical doctors, courts and employers:

  • Doctor’s certificates
  • MRI, CT, and X-ray findings
  • Findings of other tests and examinations
  • Paid Family Leave Forms

School Documents:

  • Report Cards
  • High School Diplomas
  • Diplomas of Graduation/Completion
  • Transcripts of Academic Record (suplementy, wypisy ze studiów, wypisy z przebiegu studiów, wypisy/odpisy z indeksu, opisy przedmiotów, etc.)
  • Certifications and verification letters issued by school/university authorities
  • Translations for US evaluation services (WES, Globe, and other NY-based leading evaluation agencies)

Documents for Professional Licenses

Diplomas of completion, Letters of reference, Tax returns (translation only), Vaccination/Immunization records (karta szczepień).

Employment-Related Documents

Employment Records (świadectwa pracy), Employment verification letters, Resumes, Reference letters

Assistance with legal documents

Polish Divorce Documents, Powers of Attorney (Pełnomocnictwa, akty notarialne), Confirmation/Loss of Polish Citizenship Applications, All Identification Documents (passports, driver licenses, state IDs, personal ID cards, etc.)

Additional Services

Translations from and to other languages (frequent requests: Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Czech, German, French, Chinese).

Pass the U.S. Citizenship Test with us.

Citizenship Preparation Class

With our courses Learn everything you need to know to pass the Civics Interview portion of the US Citizenship and Naturalization Test.

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